crazy or not, that kind of love never dies

"Francis, you can’t just leave me locked in here. Francis!

Tom Avery was the best paramedic I’d ever met.

↳ Donna+Harvey and their purely platonic relationship my ass.

French court has gone to hell.

Paul Wesley at PaleyFest 2014

"These two characters, and my understanding, now have lived it for last 5 days. They’re very much in love, they’ve been together a long time, finding again the intensity when you first meet, reinventing that over and over again. The images that we’ve been seeing, me sitting on set and watching this incredibly beautiful human being coming at you, across the table and gown, kicking things and glass breaking. That’s definitely something I’ve never seen before. it’s been a really beautiful unique experience."
Ian Somerhalder for Azzaro Pour Homme [x]